We have had many patients come into the office recently after being involved in automobile accidents. They are hurting, scared to drive, and confused about how the process of getting treatment works. At Heritage Health, our priority is helping patients get the treatment they need after an automobile accident. Unlike many medical offices, we provide patients with many different options to assure they can get the care they need after the accident without going broke in the process. Patients who are injured in motor vehicle accidents should know the three options that are available here at Heritage Health.

1. Med Pay: Many automobile insurance policies in Colorado have a Med pay component, which provides between $5000 and $100,000 worth of coverage for accident related treatments. This money is paid directly by your auto insurance policy and is intended to allow you to get the treatment you need without having to worry about the out-of-pocket expenses. It will often cover 100% of the charges, allowing you to focus on getting better!

2. Private Health insurance: We may be able to bill your private health insurance for accident related treatment. Many people do not realize this is an option and are worried about the out-of-pocket costs of seeking treatment following an automobile accident. Using your private health insurance can help offset these upfront costs and get the treatment you need now.

3. Medical Lien: Patients slip and fall or motor vehicle accident in Centennial or the Denver Area can receive treatment for their injuries without paying the costs up front by signing a medical lien. A medical lien is an agreement between the patient and Heritage Health. Heritage Health’s medical providers agree to treat the patient now, when they need the care the most, and the patient promises to pay for this care out of the insurance settlement at the end of the case once they have recovered. Many offices don’t offer patients this option, but here at Heritage Health we do!

Obviously, being injured in any kind of accident can be scary and confusing. Let us help answer any questions and get you the care you need. Contact Heritage Health today!

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