Last week, a patient came into the office with right sided neck pain and right arm numbness that he has had for the last year. He was injured in a car accident, where he was the passenger in his friend’s car. He stated that he never got any treatment because he couldn’t afford it. However, now he feels he has to do something, because the pain is getting worse. Due to his financial concerns, we contacted the driver’s attorney on the patient’s behalf. The driver’s auto insurance policy had a Med Pay provision that covers injuries to both drivers and passengers! This means that this patient can get the treatment he needs without paying for it out of his own pocket! He didn’t need to live for the last year in pain either, but he just didn’t know what Med Pay was.

If you are involved in a car accident, call Heritage Health. We can help you navigate the confusing process and work on your behalf to let you know what all your options are!

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