Watery, itchy eyes and a runny nose…
And no idea how to make it stop?!

There can be several different triggers for allergies. Pollen, dander, dust, grass…and the list goes on! An allergy by definition is basically a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. The way that our body works is that it never underestimates any type of invasion. It always over-compensates. However, in the case of allergies, the body is working overtime trying to “beef up” its first defenses. It is overproducing mucous linings and tears to make sure that this beast of a dust flake (or whatever the trigger may be) does not cause any harm to our systems!

If you find that your allergy symptoms are flaring and causing you major inconvenience, stop on by at Heritage Health. We are gearing up for this season and have some options to help you.

Beyond the allergies, we continue to wish you the best in health and look forward to helping you.

-Robbin Tallow-Ajilo, L.Ac., and the rest of the staff at Heritage Health
Phone: 303-694-1245

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