Auto-Immune Disease & Acupuncture

Auto-immune diseases can be very limiting to someone’s everyday life. Most often they are also other accompanying conditions. For instance, one of my current patients here in Centennial not only has fibromyalgia, but also lupus, chronic fatigue, whole body joint pain (rheumatoid arthritis), digestion problems and the list goes on. She...

Memorial Day

For those of you who may not know… Mike is back and has a regular schedule!!! Come by, say hi, get a treatment and welcome Mike as he makes his full recovery! We also wanted to remind everyone that Memorial Day is this coming Monday (5/26/2014) and the office will be closed. Our normal business

Sciatic Pain, Shoulder Pain, & Chiropractic Care

A patient came into Heritage Health after her husband had to begged and pleaded with her to get help. She presented with right sciatic pain and has had it for months. She did not think chiropractic care could help her since, since her PCP told her chiropractic does not help any medical condition. After talking

Benefits of Custom Orthotics for Ankle & Foot Pain

A patient came into our office with right inner ankle pain. Upon examination, we discovered that a severely fallen arch and flat foot was causing posterior tibial tendinitis. This is a common problem in patients with flat feet, who have lost the normal arch of the foot over time. It usually manifests as pain on