Quality Acupuncture Treatments for $35!

Fridays, 3-7pm ONLY!

We are now offering Community Acupuncture at Heritage Health! This remarkably effective acupuncture model is practiced in a group setting, allowing for multiple treatments in an hour which dramatically reduces cost per treatment. Greater frequency of treatment increases the effectiveness of acupuncture, and reduces recovery time. NOTE: Screens are used within group pace, so that patients still feel they have the privacy necessary to relax and ease into? their treatments.
When to use Community Acupuncture:

  • try acupuncture out at affordable rates to see if it works for you!
  • as an affordable alternative to private treatments
  • effective management of symptoms without medications
  • for less complex medical issues, that require more frequency, such as
    1. low back pain, shoulder and neck strain
    2. headaches/migraines
    3. joint pain, including knee, elbow, shoulder, ankle, wrist (carpal tunnel), or TMJ
    4. addiction treatment (smoking, drugs, alcohol, excessive appetite/cravings)
    5. anxiety, depression, and stress management
    6. managing pregnancy symptoms, i.e. morning sickness, acid reflux, breech, labor induction
    7. digestive complaints
    8. allergies, cold/flus, and generally to strengthen immunity

When to use private treatments:

  • private rooms, for patients who need to disrobe and/or who just want more privacy
  • for complex medical issues that require more attention
  • more in-depth consultations
  • may include other modalities, such as Tui Na (Chinese medical massage), Cupping, Gua Sha,
  • Chinese Herbs, E-Stim (Electrical Stimulation), Moxa, , Injections.

Length of Treatments: 30-60 minutes

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