I want to extend a warm hello to all patients at Heritage Health, and introduce myself as the new acupuncturist. I’m very excited to be joining such a dynamic and dedicated team of practitioners! A little about myself: I grew up in Asia, mostly in South Korea and Hong Kong, so I have a natural affinity for “all things Eastern”, and that includes medicine. People often ask me if I studied acupuncture in Asia, but oddly enough I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine right here in Denver. I have been in practice for over seven years, practicing in rural clinics in Colorado and Nebraska, as well as in community acupuncture in Fort Collins (more about that in a minute).

I am very passionate about acupuncture and the role it can play in healing people without the use of drugs or invasive surgeries. What I would like to convey to you about acupuncture is acupuncture works! Recent studies have revealed that these 3,000-year-old acupuncture points are situated right over areas where tiny nerve plexus called C-fibers branch on the surface of the skin. These fibers are thought to convey important sensory information to the central nervous system and brain. Other studies have shown that endorphins and anti-inflammatory chemicals are released into the bloodstream with acupuncture. So, we might conclude that the needles are stimulating the nervous system in some fashion, which includes signaling the brain to release important healing components into the blood.

But the bottom line is: Come in and give it a try! I guarantee that I can treat almost anything you bring in to me effectively if you follow my treatment recommendations. (The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as a potent therapy for over 200 clinical conditions, and frequent visits with affordable options paves the way for recovery from a multitude of ailments, from sinus infections and acid reflux, to anxiety and addictions, not to mention any type of pain that you may be experiencing.) It’s also very important to get chiropractic and physical therapy for any underlying structural issues, or for long-term recovery from injury. This is why I think our integrative team here at Heritage Health can’t be beat!

I am also excited to let you know that we are now offering half-price ($35) treatments every Friday from 1-7pm as part of a new community clinic here at Heritage, to make it even easier for you to come on in and see what it’s all about! These are quality, full-body treatments of acupuncture in Centennial CO lasting 45 minutes to an hour that are performed in more of a group setting. While called “community”, we have multiple rooms that can be used, and you will most likely find yourself cozily nestled in your own dreamy space here at Heritage. So if cost has been a prohibitive factor in getting you through the door, it is my hope that this will enable you to make that leap.

Also, please drop in for a free 15-minute consultation with any time, or contact Heritage Health if you would like more information about how I can help.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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