Read a review from a past client at Heritage Health regarding auto accident injury treatment:

“The last thing that I wanted to have happen was to be in a car accident! But it happened. I was on my way home in the evening and some guy ran right into the back of my car! I had 2 little children in the back and it was a very frightening experience for all of us! My trunk was well crunched in and we all went to the emergency room. Thankfully the two little ones were untouched! I was told that I had whiplash. My next stop was to Robbin. I knew that she would be able to help me. We started acupuncture, Chinese herbs and cupping. Even after the first treatment I already felt better! I truly feel like my injuries were well addressed and I am able to function in my everyday life without pain and soreness. I am grateful for Robbin’s knowledge and understanding!”

If you are in a similar situation and are looking for whiplash treatment in Centennial CO, contact Heritage Health today at (303) 694-1245.

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