We recently had a patient come into the office who was involved in a motorcycle accident. He fell over onto his left side, with the motorcycle landing on top of him. As a result of the accident, he had left sided low back pain and pain shooting down his left leg. He had been involved in a separate car accident about 5 years ago, when he herniated a disc in his low back. Because of this patient’s history of previous low back injury, getting treated quickly after the motorcycle accident was the key to his recovery. After 3 months of chiropractic and physical therapy treatment, the patient states that he is now feeling better than he has in the last 5 years! And because of this, even though he has recovered from his injuries, he will continue to come in for maintenance treatments one time per month so that he keeps feeling good! If you were involved in a car or motorcycle accident recently, remember the key to your recovery may very well be timely diagnosis and treatment. Don’t wait, call Heritage Health today at (303) 694-1245.

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