A patient came into our office with right inner ankle pain. Upon examination, we discovered that a severely fallen arch and flat foot was causing posterior tibial tendinitis. This is a common problem in patients with flat feet, who have lost the normal arch of the foot over time. It usually manifests as pain on the inner aspect of the foot/ankle that worsens with prolonged time spent on feet standing or walking.

Correction of the fallen arch is crucial to resolving posterior tibial tendinitis. This patient was prescribed a home strengthening program and custom foot orthotics were fabricated. A custom foot orthotic from Heritage Health is custom molded and fabricated on an individual basis to correct each patient’s specific problem. A store bought arch support or shoe insert just won’t work. The ones available in stores aren’t made specifically for your foot or problem and they aren’t stiff enough to be corrective in nature.

After 6 weeks of care and custom molded orthotic use, this patient is pain free and no longer suffers from ankle pain when walking with his 2 dogs.

If you are having foot pain, ankle pain, or think that you have flat feet that may be causing your symptoms, contact our office at (303) 694-1245. Custom molded orthotics may be the answer, are covered by many insurance plans, and the total time from initial examination to you getting the custom orthotics into your favorite shoes is usually no more than 10 days!

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